Create your debate and Build your Personal Brand as a Thought Leader. The Worlds first Business Debate App

Today’s fast-paced, digital and individualistic age is dynamically transforming business and competition. Thought leadership as a personal brand becomes necessary and crucial to keep up with these transformations. Business has changed and now the source of influence for every business if the founder. For startups and other organisations, founders need to be visible and debate their subjects if asked by others for them to thrive.

There are too many thought owners and this is why we created Business Debates. Everyone who signs up goes through a selection and approval process. Every post must be approved to ensure it delivers our clean content policy. You can create your debate with a minimum of one debater and up to four debaters. The only condition to this debate is you must be in the same city and location.

Contrary to the usual likes, Business Debates members earn points through comments on their posts. If you are active on the platform, there is a great chance that you will reach our Top Ten Gold Thought Leaders. Your name and picture will appear on the Top Ten list on the app. If you remain in the Top Ten list for ninety days, you will earn a certificate which attests that you are a Thought Leader.

Business Debates is a paid service. You pay a very minimal to post on the Feed or pay extra to promote your post on the Hot Feed. Initially, we offer this promo code (LetsDebate) for all members to post for free. The promo code expires on May 1st, 2018.

If you have your own business thoughts and wish to build your personal brand as a Thought Leader, this app is made for you.

Download Business Debates from App Store and Google Play. Sign-up today and wait to receive your approval email. Make sure that you register your data in full detail and to upload an acceptable profile picture.

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